Be nice.

Since 2015.

Let's be the change.

Let's Be nice.

We’ve heard the quote, “people may not remember what you said, or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

Be nice is about those wise words from poet Maya Angelou and serve as our inspiration. We want to help raise awareness of the power of being nice to one-another and how it can help heal, rebuild and elevate all of us, together.

Mental health.

Mental health is something getting more attention these days. Whether we call is emotional intelligence, empathy or just plain manners, being nice to others is a simple change we can all make many times each day.

50% of all mental disorders begin before the age of 14.*

Globally, 20% of children begin struggling with mental health.*

Less than 1/3 of mental health issues are treated in developed nations.*

*New Internationalist, 2019

Let’s make a change. Let’s create a world where simple acts rehumanize. My enemy is not my enemy, My anger of my enemy is my enemy. Somehow, we’ve come to accept that digging in the pits of conflict and hate is noble. The truth is, we need a ladder and not a shovel. And this ladder doesn’t cost anything. Find a way to Be Nice and show others the way upward. Let’s elevate humanity one act at a time. Starting with me and those around me. Be Nice to others, to animals, to the planet and to yourself. Be Nice.

Let's do this, together.